Welcome to Sister Fresh

We wish they would stay our little angels but they grow with our every smooch and hug.

We know that around the corner lies the teen years – subtle reminders from images in our media, print ads and perusing the mall. We want them to dress like girls in frocks that showcase their sweet faces, play on their innocence and of course represent their sprightly personalities.
Our unique frocks are made for your little angel, because she always will be...even when that corner comes. For now, she can be your Sister Fresh!
Sisterfresh.com is a boutique shop for the young and fabulous! Inside you'll find a unique collection of dresses with retro flare and youthful charm.  Sister Fresh’s commitment to you, our Fresh customer, is to provide you with the best in quality, functionality, design and customer service.
We hope you love our designs and that your young and fabulous one will be a Sister Fresh!